SCR & SCRT Servicing

The Eminox SCR and SCRT systems use AdBlue to reduce NOx, the SCRT also includes a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to reduce particulate matter. An automated nozzle cleaning strategy is deigned to avoid build up of urea deposits, but annual servicing of the AdBlue injection system is required. The particulate filter requires servicing as detailed for diesel particulate filter systems.

We recommend a system is serviced at least once a year, failure to service can lead to urea deposits and permanent filter damage. Eminox provide a full system service; including diagnostic check, replacement of AdBlue injection system components and exchange of the DPF for SCRT systems.

When a full system service* is carried out by Eminox we can extend the warranty on serviced components for a further 12 months.

The service includes:

  • Replace in-line urea filter and check all pipes for damage
  • Remove urea pump internal filter and replace, re-pressurise accumulator
  • Drain air tank and replace air filterRemove and replace the injector nozzle
  • Remove and replace particulate filter (for SCRT systems only) with a reconditioned filter (backed by a 12 month warranty)
  • Full check of system for physical damage
  • Download of ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to identify and diagnose any system faults

SCR and SCRT servicing is carried out by specially trained Eminox engineers.

*Including any necessary repairs