Xpurge® & Veritex® DPF cleaning technology

Xpurge® Filter Cleaning Technology

Eminox use patented Xpurge technology which is capable of removing more ash and particulate matter from filters than conventional filter cleaning systems. This next generation technology is a highly effective process which can restore a blocked filter to good as new condition with 95% first pass cleaning efficiency. Tests show that the Xpurge process removes 30% more contaminants than conventional filter cleaning systems and so filters cleaned by the Xpurge process will benefit from longer intervals between cleaning.

Veritex® Inspection Technology

After cleaning the condition of the filter is assessed using the patented Veritex inspection process. Filters that look clean on the surface can be damaged or blocked internally. By using transmitted light to examine the internal condition of the filter after cleaning, we are able to provide evidence that the filter is clean throughout; this generates a record of the filter condition at each clean.


Filter servicing is required for our 
CRTSCRT and FBC emission control systems. These systems are available with an onboard warning device (ESI for CRT and SCRT, ECU for FBC) which monitors system performance and alerts the operator when the filter needs cleaning. The warning lights should be checked regularly, please refer to the system's operation and maintenance manual for details of how to do this.Left to right: New filter, dirty filter before cleaning, after Air Jet cleaning & after Xpurge cleaning 

We offer a range of filter servicing and exchange packages.

Download CRT Manual

Download FBC Manual 

Download ESI Manual