Filter Cleaning

Is it time to service your Diesel Particulate Filter?

Eminox CRT systems are designed to regenerate themselves during normal operation but periodic servicing is required. To minimise vehicle downtime, there are a range of options for servicing your filter.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

We use the Xpurge® filter cleaning process, based on patented technology capable of removing more ash and particulate matter from filters than conventional DPF filter cleaning systems. The highly effective process can restore a blocked filter to good as new condition, so it can last longer between services.

Sometimes filters that look clean on the surface can be damaged or blocked internally.

We can also offer the unique Veritex® inspection process to provide a picture of the internal condition of the filter and prove it is clean throughout. All Eminox reconditioned filters are inspected and guaranteed for 1 year

When we service your filter (excluding self exchange) we will also carry out a basic system inspection, or you can have a full health check at a discounted rate.