German Maut Toll

Fitting an Eminox CRT® will make Euro 2 and 3 vehicles eligible for LKW-Maut toll reductions.

The LKW-Maut is a toll payable on German autobahns for trucks with a minimum weight of 12t and above. The toll is based on the distance driven, the number of axles and the emission category of the vehicle.

As from 1 January 2009 the toll was increased significantly, but reductions are available in accordance with the emission standard of the vehicle. Euro 2 and 3 vehicles fitted with an Eminox CRT, which is KBA approved, will benefit from the reduced charges giving savings of up to 8.4 cents per kilometer. Euro 4 and 5 vehicles are manufactured to the latest emissions standards and therefore automatically qualify for reduced charges.

German Maut Toll Charges

The following calculations are based on driving 150,000km per year on the autobahns. Using these figures, investing in a CRT system can lead to the following annual savings and return on investment:

Euro 2 vehicle fitted with CRT = €12,600 saving = Payback within 1 year

Euro 3 vehicle fitted with CRT = €3,150 saving = Payback within 2 years

Fitting an Eminox CRT can also achieve a green sticker for entry into the German E-Zones.

German E-Zones Stickers

We have KBA approved (or awaiting approval) systems for Iveco, Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, Renault and EvoBus, MAN and DAF buses. For more information please contact our German Service Centre on 0049 2203 958 91 59, or Detlef Plachta, our Sales Manager, on Mobile: 0173 472 8832  Email: