Dutch E-Zones

To improve air quality in its cities, the Dutch Government introduced environmental legislation to allow the creation of Environmental Zones (E-Zones) in many major cities:

  • Amsterdam
  • Breda
  • Delft
  • Den Bosch/s-Hertogenbosch
  • Den Haag
  • Eindhoven
  • Leiden
  • Maastricht
  • Rijswijk
  • Rotterdam
  • Tilburg
  • Utrecht

The E-Zone rules came into force from July in 2007 and apply to trucks over 3.5 tonnes. The legislation requires trucks below Euro 4 to fit diesel particulate filters (DPF) in order to enter the E-Zones.

To help truck operators meet the E-Zone requirements, the government has provided incentives for retrofitting of DPFs to Euro 2 and 3 trucks. Europe's most popular particulate filter is the Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®).

After rigorous independent testing, the Eminox CRT® has been approved for the Dutch retrofit scheme by RDW (Dutch Road Transport Directorate). Systems are available for Volvo, Scania, Iveco, Mercedes Benz and DAF trucks.

The Eminox CRT® reduces particulate matter by more than 90%, with the additional benefit of virtually eliminating hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. It has been used as part of air quality improvement schemes and is approved for LEZs across Europe.CRT Emissions Performance

This large reduction in particulate matter, means that vehicles fitted with CRT®s will also be allowed inside closed areas (filters achieving less than 70% PM reduction will not be allowed).

The CRT® is particularly effective in reducing emissions of ultra fine particles (below one micron) which are considered the most damaging to health.

Eminox CRT ApplicationThe Eminox CRT® is available in the Netherlands from our partner Pyroban, or through Volvo, Iveco and Mercedes dealers.