Danish Environmental Zones (E-Zones)

When first introduced in 2008, the law required all trucks and buses of Euro 2 standard or older, to have diesel particulate filters (DPFs) fitted in order to enter the E-Zones in these cities.

  • CopenhagenandFrederiksberg
  • Aalborg
  • Århus
  • Odense

In July 2010 the rules were tightened so that all trucks and buses Euro 3 and older must have diesel particulate filters fitted to enter E-Zones.

Euro 4 and 5 vehicles are free to enter the E-Zones.

From November 2011 foreign trucks must have an 'ecosticker' to demonstrate that their vehicle is fitted with an approved DPF, in order to enter an E-Zone. For details of how to get your sticker visit

To qualify for E-Zone approval, DPFs must comply with the specifications of the Danish Road Safety and Transport Agency (DRSTA) and the Danish Technological Institute (TI)'s principal approval scheme.

Eminox can offer two types of diesel particulate filter approved by the DRSTA and TI. The Eminox Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®) is approved for retrofit schemes acrossEurope, it reduces particulate matter by more than 90% as well as virtually eliminating hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. The Eminox FBC System also reduces particulate matter by more than 90%, it is suitable for smaller engines and lighter duty cycles.

The E-Zone rules require annual testing of the DPF at the same time as the vehicle is tested for roadworthiness. To maintain emissions performance, the filters contained in diesel particulate filters need to be regularly serviced.  

Eminox offers an Electronic Service Indicator (ESI) to identify when particulate filters require cleaning. This is combined with specialist filter servicing using the Xpurge® system which reconditions filters to good as new condition.

Grants are available for up to 30% of the cost of fitting diesel particulate filters by, applying to Danish MIljøstyrelsen.