Low Emission Zones & E-Zones

Many cities use local emissions regulations to tackle local air quality issues. These are known as Low Emission Zones (LEZ)  Environmental Zones (E-Zones) or Clean Air Zones (CAZ). Minimum emissions standards can be met by purchasing new vehicles or upgrading with retrofit technology.

London Ultra Low Emission Zone

London Non Road Mobile Machinery LEZ

Eminox systems are approved for Low Emission Zones and E-Zones throughout Europe including the new London Ultra Low Emission Zone. We have retrofitted thousands of vehicles with our CRT® systems to meet the requirements of existing Zones in the UK, Germany, Holland, and Denmark.

Our advanced SCRT® systems can upgrade vehicles to emissions levels equivalent to Euro VI and meet these stringent new standards. SCRT® is specifically designed for tough urban operating conditions. Independent emissions testing, backed by real world emissions data, gives the reassurance that our systems will deliver in real world operation.