Real World Case Studies

Over 80,000 vehicles have been retrofitted with Eminox CRT® and SCRT® emissions systems in Europe alone, many to buses operating in busy city centres and urban areas where people live and work. Major fleets have fitted our emissions systems as part of their initiatives to meet air quality standards. Many local authorities have chosen the CRT as their preferred diesel particulate filter.

SCRT Case Studies

Hong Kong: Eminox supplies SCRT's to help tackle NOx pollution in Hong Kong

Metro West Yorkshire: Eminox fits 119 school buses with Eminox SCRT systems

De-Lijn: Europe's largest retrofit programme for combined PM and NOx reduction, using SCRT

Norwich: SCR retrofit to meet Norwich emissions standards

CRT Case Studies


Transport for London : London particulate trap programme, over 8000 Eminox CRTs fitted

Coca Cola: Coca Cola retrofit CRTs to meet London LEZ requirements

RATP : CRTs in reduce pollution from buses in Paris

Tesco: Fleet clean up programme using Eminox CRT's

Our engineers have designed emissions systems for most variants of the buses and trucks on the road today. Each system is designed to the same high standard as the systems we supply directly to OEM's, with the same outstanding performance and reliability in the real world environment.