Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme

The Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme (CVRAS), run by the Energy SavingsGo-Ahead-bus-retrofitted-for-CBTF-(1).jpg Trust, is a national certification scheme for retrofit emissions reduction technology. Our SCRT® technology was the first to be approved. 

Retrofitting with approved technologies such as the Eminox SCRT system, allows vehicles to meet strict new requirements for the London Ultra Low Emission Zone  (ULEZ) and Clean Air Zones (CAZ).

The CVRAS provides independent evidence that our latest SCRT retrofit technology achieves real world emission equivalent Euro VI.

The accreditation also means that our SCRT system will be compatible with the conditions of the £30 million Clean Bus Technology Fund (CBTF), which has been made available to local authorities across England and Wales.

The latest generation of SCRT technology, designed by Eminox, can reduce NOx and NO2 by 99%, and particulate matter by 95%. 

The SCRT package now includes Control and Diagnostics Interface (CADi) that manages the system and records performance data. Our telematics module combines this information with GPS data to provide emissions tracking by time and location.
This not only proves that the system is continuing to reduce emissions, but can also provide valuable maintenance alerts.

For more information, visit the EST website:

Clean Vehicle Retrofit Accreditation Scheme

Only certified retrofit systems will make your vehicle compliant for the London Low Emission Zone and Clean Air Zones.