Reducing Pollution


Air pollution is responsible for 6.5 million premature deaths across the globe. The World health Organisation (WHO) classed diesel exhaust emissions as carcinogenic and they are particularly associated with lung cancer.

Particulate MatterParticulate Matter

Particulate matter affects more people than any other air pollutant, it causes significant damage to the heart and lungs. Ultra-fine particles less than 10 microns are most damaging, they can penetrate deep into the lungs.

These ultra-fine particulates are damaging even in low concentrations, the World Health Organisation (WHO) therefore recommends a concentration limit of 10μg/m3. Particulate exposure is generally greater in rapidly developing Particulate-Number.jpgcities.

For NRMM equipment, Eminox CRT will reduce PM by up to 95%, making it the world’s best-selling diesel particulate filter.

Nitrogen Oxides

NOx damages ecosystems though acidification and eutrophication. The most dangerous component of NOx to health is NO2 it can cause inflammation of airways, aggravating respiratory illness and also impair lung function in children. The World Health Organisation (WHO) therefore recommends a concentration limit of 40μg/m3.Nitrogen Dioxide

Eminox SCRT reduces particulate matter by up to 95% and Nitrogen Oxides by up to 99% from heavy duty vehicles and has been proven in real world testing in urban environments.