SCRT® System


Eminox SCRT ® technology can be retrofitted to older heavy-duty vehicles to achieve emissions equivalent to Euro VI.

Its CVRAS approval means that the SCRT system can be used to upgrade vehicles for the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), Clean Air Zones (CAZ) and Scottish Low Emission Zones.

The system reduces NOx and NO2 by up to 99%, and particulate matter by up to 95%, – results that have been proven in real-world urban operation.

SCRT-near-zero-emissions-graphic.jpgIt has already been used to upgrade thousands of heavy-duty vehicles worldwide, including hybrid vehicles.

SCRT technology, combines the Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to produce a system which reduces Particulate Matter (PM) by both mass and number.

It is a cost-effective way of upgrading vehicles to the latest emissions standards as around 15 vehicles can be retrofitted for the cost of one new bus.

The system is available with either the standard AdBlue dosing system or the Ammonia Storage Delivery System (ASDS) from Amminex for 99% NOx reduction, even at low operating temperatures without urea deposit build up.

SCRT technology has been used extensively to reduce city bus emissions, and can also be applied to hybrid vehicles. We have more systems in operation across Europe than any other system of its type.

Proven PerformanceEminox-CADi-(1).jpg

Eminox SCRT systems are specifically designed to perform in urban environments, delivering proven real-world NOx reduction. 

It comes with a Control and Diagnostic Interface (CADi) which integrates with the vehicles onboard diagnostics to actively manage the system and optimise performance combined with telematics, this can provide real world emissions tracking and maintenance alerts.

As well as in-use testing, testing is also carried out of real-world test cycles such as MLTB to allow fine measurement of very low emissions levels and tight control of secondary emissions such as N2O.

SCRT Technology

The advanced SCR section uses a specialist catalyst formulation to maximise primary NO2 reduction. The ceramic wall flow filter in the CRT section traps PM, including ultra-fine particles, to reduce both particulate mass and particulate number.

In addition, it is designed to control secondary emissions such as N2O (a powerful greenhouse gas). A ‘clean up’ catalyst is also included to ensure that excess AdBlue, in the form of ammonia, cannot escape from the system.

This process is actively managed by our Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to maintain reliable performance and consistent emissions reduction.

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