SCRT® System Maintenance

The continuous regeneration of the filter in the CRT® system section maintains back pressure and allows the filter to effectively operate for long periods between cleaning. Periodic filter servicing is necessary to remove incombustible ash and any soot build up, failure to service the system can lead permanent filter damage.

Our SCRT system is available with an Electronic Service Indicator (ESI) which monitors system performance and alerts the operator when the filter needs cleaning. . We offer efficient and environmentally responsible filter cleaning solutions using the unique Xpurge cleaning process and Veritex inspection technology.

An automated urea injection nozzle cleaning strategy is deigned to avoid build up of urea deposits, but annual servicing of the AdBlue injection system is required.

 We recommend that a system is serviced at least once a year, Eminox provide a full system service; including diagnostic check, replacement of AdBlue injection system components and filter exchange.