SCR System

The Eminox Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system reduces Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) by up to 95% from heavy-duty diesel engine exhausts.

It is supplied as original equipment and for retrofit, upgrading vehicles to meet Euro VI NOx emissions levels.
It can be installed on buses, trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, with systems tailored to the needs of individual vehicles. All of which are designed to the specifications of each make and model vehicle.
The SCR removes NOx and NO2 from diesel engine exhaust gas using an aqueous solution of ammonia, known as AdBlue, and converts them to water and nitrogen. This reaction occurs over a specially formulated catalyst.
The AdBlue dosing is actively managed to avoid deposits and ammonia slip. The system also incorporates an extra clean-up catalyst to neutralise any excess ammonia. The unique injector design, combined with an automated nozzle cleaning strategy, prevents nozzle blocking.
It can also be used together with our market-leading Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®) in a combined Eminox SCRT® system which, as well as reducing NOx, also reduces nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) by up to 99%.