How the ESI System works

The ESI has two key parts: a back pressure sensor and a microprocessor. The sensor measures and sends back pressure readings to the processor which incorporates a digital display and a series of three warning lights.

The ESI will display the Max back pressure since the last reset.

Green - The unit is on and working correctly.

Amber - The back pressure has risen above acceptable levels and the filter may require servicing.

Red - The back pressure has risen to a critical level and filter requires immediate servicing.

The digital display will alternate between the current and peak back pressure since the ESI was last reset and will store back pressure measurements, providing diagnostic information that can later be downloaded to a PC for analysis. The back pressure limits can be tailored exactly to each vehicle thereby ensuring optimal operation and correct servicing of the filter. Each ESI also comes with connectors to fit optional warning lights in the cab of the vehicle, to alert the driver when filter servicing is required.

The ESI is easy to install and is housed in a robust automotive standard casing and all elements are resistant to vibration, heat and water pressure, so it can withstand the rigours of vehicle operation, maintenance and cleaning.