CRT® System Maintenance

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During normal operation, CRT® system maintenance depends upon the rate at which soot and ash deposits accumulate in the filter. As ash, the incombustible residue of burnt engine oil, and soot accumulate, the back pressure of the exhaust system will rise. Therefore monitoring the back pressure is an effective way to assess CRT® system performance and filter servicing requirements.

Eminox Filter Servicing provides professional cleaning of the wall-flow filter in a CRT® system that will maintain system performance and the service interval.

The Electronic Service Indicator (ESI), continuously monitors back pressure and indicates when servicing of the filter is necessary. Alternatively back pressure measurements can be made manually. We strongly recommend that back pressure is checked regularly to avoid excess accumulation of ash and soot which will eventually lead to filter damage.

The service interval can be predicted by analysing the duty cycle of the vehicle. The efficiency of soot oxidation within the CRT®system increases with exhaust gas temperature. Therefore, if an engine has a low work output or idles for long periods this may reduce effective regeneration and lead to soot accumulation and an earlier service requirement. 

Duty Cycle Typical Example Typical Service Interval
High and sustained workload. Long haul truck.
Intercity train or coach.
Upto 1 year*
Variable engine work rate All purpose delivery truck.
Bus operating in a mix of city and rural areas.
Upto 1 year*
Low engine work rate Bus operating in heavy traffic and congested city centres.
Waste refuse vehicle.
Upto 6 months*
Monitor back pressure at least once every 6 weeks.

* - Or as indicated by the Electronic Service Indicator (ESI), whichever occurs first.

For more information download the CRT® System Operation and Maintenance Manual (1507Kb).

Professional cleaning of the wall-flow filter in your CRT® system is available through Eminox Filter Servicing.