CRT System
Continuously Regenerating Trap

The Eminox CRT® system is the world’s leading retrofit diesel particulate filter (DPF) with systems installed on buses and trucks worldwide. Vehicles as old as Euro II can be upgraded to the particulate matter (PM) standards of a Euro VI vehicle.

Wall flow filter technology traps particles including ultra-fine particles which are the most damaging to health, reducing particulates by mass and number. This is backed by proven performance in the real world since 1995.

Passive filter regeneration capability makes CRT a simple and robust system that does not require additive or complex electronic controls.  The Eminox CRT is approved for many Low Emission Zones and E-Zones across Europe and we provide systems to truck and bus original equipment manufacturers for option-fit.

Our CRT system is available with an Electronic Service Indicator (ESI) which monitors system performance and alerts the operator when the filter needs cleaning. Eminox filter reconditioning and exchange programmes offer a convenient way to service the filter with minimal vehicle downtime.

Download the Eminox CRT® System leaflet 

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