Eminox is a leading supplier of stainless steel exhaust and emissions control systems for rail applications. Our exhaust systems are widely used on diesel multiple units (DMU's) and railcars throughout the world.

We have worked closely with Europe's leading railcar manufacturers in the design and development of exhaust systems since 1990. These include UK Class 141/2, 153/4/8, 165/6/8, 170/2, 220/1/2 plus railcars operating in Thailand, Mallorca, Sweden, Ireland and Belgium.

The long working life of trains and the necessity for uncompromised reliability and performance makes special demands on the choice and design of components. Our exhaust systems have been designed for a life expectancy in excess of 20 years and incorporate unique components that reduce weight and promote exceptional noise attenuation, thermal management and vibration free characteristics, while meeting and exceeding all necessary performance standards.

Since beginning to supply exhaust systems in to the rail industry our design and evaluation software and experience has continually evolved with industry and manufacturer’s needs to enhance and improve our predictive capabilities to ensure key performance characteristics are achieved in real world operation.

With many train stations being located where people live and work, diesel engine pollution has become an increasingly important concern and a prime consideration for rail operators, especially in the face of stringent emissions legislation and public pressure.

Our exhaust systems can be designed to include both diesel oxidation catalysts and Diesel Particlulate Filters (DPF) for particulate matter removal. The in-service record of the Eminox CRT system is exceptional, with outstanding performance and reliability. Swedish Y2 trains with CRT technology have travelled in excess of 10 million km.

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