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Simple Rules to Stay London LEZ Compliant

Roughly a year ago tens of thousands of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) were fitted to upgrade vehicles to meet the standards of the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ). It’s therefore time to think about how you’re looking after that investment and ensuring your continued compliance.

The specialist particulate filter within a DPF is designed to regenerate during normal operation. However, over time incombustible residues and soot will accumulate inside the filter which needs to be periodically removed.

So here are some simple rules to help you stay LEZ compliant and avoid unexpected costs

  1. The particulate filter should be cleaned at least once a year.
  2. Most have a service indicator which will give advance warning (usually an amber light) if the filter needs to be serviced earlier.
  3. Once this occurs it’s important to get the filter service scheduled as soon as possible to maintain fuel economy and emissions reduction performance.
  4. The RPC (Reduced Pollution Certificate) or LEC (Low Emission Certificate) is your proof that a vehicle complies with the London LEZ standards and needs to be renewed every year, so there’s no sense in delaying.
  5. Never continue to drive a vehicle which is displaying a red or final warning light as you risk permanently damaging the filter. This is a key component of the DPF system and would therefore leave you with an unexpected bill many times higher than the cost of servicing it.
  6. Choose a specialist particulate filter service provider that includes inspection of the serviced filter and offers a guarantee that it is really clean. A filter that has been returned to ‘as new’ condition will last longer between services, providing better value and less vehicle downtime.

There are lots of different options for getting a particulate filter serviced quickly and conveniently to avoid vehicle downtime. Eminox uses the patented Xpurge® system which removes more soot and ash than conventional cleaning methods. It can also be carried out much faster than conventional cleaning, which can involve lengthy oven baking. Advanced Xpurge® cleaning is offered in conjunction with the patented Veritex® inspection technology - this gives a picture of the internal condition of the filter and offers a guarantee that it is really clean not just on the visible surfaces, but throughout.

Eminox, whose CRT system was the number one choice for upgrading vehicles to the London LEZ, offers a range of filter servicing packages including ‘while-you wait’ filter servicing, self exchange and full service on-site exchange.

As the original manufacturer of the system Eminox can also offer health checks and troubleshooting services to determine if the condition of the filter may be an early indicator of a problem elsewhere in the engine or DPF.

In these tough economic times we’ll all keep a close eye on the balance sheet. So service particulate filters regularly to avoid unexpected costs.