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King’s College identify immediate reduction in NOx pollution as a result of bus retrofit 
Air Quality experts at King's College, London, have attributed a 23% reduction in kerbside NOx pollution on Putney High Street to Eminox SCRT technology retrofitted to buses. 93 Putney buses were retrofitted between April and July 2013, Kings College identified a clear decrease in NOx and NO2 concentrations during the same period. They concluded that the pollution reduction was a result of Eminox SCRT retrofit to buses

NO2 concentrations on Putney High Street were previously amongst the highest in London, far exceeding limit values for NO2. Of the 222 buses operating out of Putney Bus Garage, 93 were retrofitted with an Eminox SCRT and 89 of these were in regular use on Putney High Street. As well as the large drop in kerbside NOx when the systems were fitted, there was a sustained decrease in NO2 concentrations of 12% (kerb) and 16% (façade) over the full period of the study.

This has been particularly effective in reducing the number of short term exceedences of NO2 limits. Experts also concluded that even better pollution reductions could be achieved with this technology, where traffic was less congested.

The results were backed by remote sensing studies, showing emissions reductions from individual buses during June 2013.

Link to the King's College report: