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Eminox announce new UK partnership with Amminex to cut NOx emissions


Retrofit emission control specialist Eminox has announced its co-operation with Danish clean technology company Amminex Emissions Technology, to offer a revolutionary NOx-reducing package.
The collaboration between the two companies enhances Eminox’s SCRT retrofit platform by offering UK customers access to the Amminex Ammonia Storage & Delivery System (ASDSTM).

SCRT retrofit technology from Eminox can reduce NOx and NO2 by 99% and Particulate Matter (PM) by 95%, resulting in emissions equivalent to Euro VI. The company has successfully retrofitted more than 4,000 vehicles across the UK using SCRT with an AdBlue dosing system to reduce NOx emissions, to Euro VI equivalent. 

Eminox’s SCRT system with ASDSTM has already delivered outstanding NOx reduction levels in several projects, including the retrofit of 300 buses in Copenhagen, also to Euro VI equivalent.

Amminex ASDSTM is designed to work at lower engine temperatures than an AdBlue based system, releasing gaseous, rather than liquid based ammonia into the system. This has extended the operating range of Eminox SCRT technology to cover a wider variety of vehicles and duty cycles.

As part of the collaboration, Eminox will become distributor of ASDSTM for the UK and Ireland and the system will be offered as an alternative to an AdBlue dosing system.
Amminex customers within the NOx Abatement Program in London will not be affected by this.

Andy Meakin, Managing Director at Eminox, said: “Our co-operation with Amminex is an excellent strategic fit because it allows us to leverage our existing SCRT technology leadership. Amminex’s ASDSTM unlocks the wider NOx-reduction potential of our SCRT technology.”

Annika Isaksson, CEO of Amminex, said: “Amminex and Eminox already have a successful track record of working together on retrofit projects in Scandinavia. Our UK venture represents the next step of co-operation and will offer UK customers a revolutionary way of reducing NOx.”

The UK government has stated in its air quality plan that it believes retrofit technology like SCRT will be an important element of reducing vehicle emissions. A decision is expected soon whether the London Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be introduced 17 months early, in April 2018. Across England, 28 local authorities have been ordered to produce plans for tackling air pollution by March 2018. 

With an established UK service and support network, development and fitting of Eminox SCRT and Amminex ASDSTM will be carried out by Eminox, utilising the skills of its dedicated retrofit product development and applications engineering teams. 

The Eminox teams have already been working closely with Amminex on joint projects in Scandinavia. The two companies will work in collaboration on any additional development required to meet specific vehicle types or customer needs.