Emission Control Solutions

11 08 2015

Eminox reinforces the message that the SCRT system is a cost effective and immediate way to cut NO2 and other pollutants by more than 95% without having to buy new vehicles

30 04 2015

Eminox advises that despite a number of challenges, compliance with Stage V does not have to be a revolution in exhaust after-treatment design - but an evolution of existing expertise

Press Release

21 September 2010

Berlin city cleaning service retrofit vehicles with Eminox technology

IAA Hanover, 21 September, 2010 - In the spring of this year, Berlin city cleaning service Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR) chose to retrofit 30 of its vehicles with Eminox particulate filters. Since then, 30 Mercedes-Benz vehicles, built in 2005, have been using the ultra-modern filter and exhaust silencer technology as they do their job in the capital's streets.

"The Berlin city cleaning service picked the market-leading Eminox CRT® particulate filter system from a product range that has proven its reliability and service capabilities time and time again," said Detlef Plachta, Eminox Sales Manager for Germany.

Bernd Sackmann, who manages the vehicle fleet of BSR, explains: "We have retrofitted 30 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2641 built in 2005 with Eminox diesel particulate filters and have been very satisfied so far. The retrofitted vehicles have been driving on the streets of Berlin and Brandenburg since April 2010. We are currently testing one of our street cleaning vehicles - a Mercedes-Benz Vario 616 - with an Eminox CRT® and we are looking forward to the results."

Installing the filters is yet another step in the sustainability strategy that BSR has been pursuing. Its goals include combining economics, ecology and social responsibility. The company has been one of the pioneers in this field in Germany for many years, and as one of the largest European disposal companies, BSR is now setting standards nationwide.