Emission Control Solutions

Press Release

19 November 2008

Eminox stacks for more of the latest trucks

With 30 years of exhaust conversion expertise, Eminox launches the latest list of available conversions for Euro 4 & 5 trucks

Eminox, the UK's largest manufacturer of exhaust and emission control systems, today announces the details of its latest exhaust conversions developed for Euro 4 & 5 trucks. This range of specialist stainless steel exhaust systems has been developed to incorporate the complex emissions technology which is now included on all new trucks.

The 'Eminox List' of latest available conversions, officially released today, includes Scania (currently the largest range), Volvo, DAF, MAN and Renault trucks, and can be found online at www.eminox.com/products/exhaustconv.shtml.

Eminox continually develops its conversion technology to respond to the increasingly complex emissions technology of Euro 4 & 5 trucks. The 'Eminox List' will continue to grow as more options are developed and will be issued three times a year.

Commenting on the company's exhaust conversions Mike Galey, Director of Marketing, said: "From the introduction of Euro 4, exhaust conversions became a specialist job, involving complex emissions technology. With our emissions experience we are in an ideal position to meet this need and develop more solutions as new Euro 5 vehicles are launched."

Exhaust conversions from Eminox are designed to re-position or re-house the manufacturer's exhaust after-treatment system while retaining its emissions reduction capability. Each system is designed for optimum gas flow and noise reduction, and is individually calibrated to meet the manufacturer's guidelines. Tailpipe conversions are also offered.

Many years experience in retrofitting complex emission control systems in commercial vehicles means Eminox understands the complexities and implications of re-positioning vital emission components.

The company has been producing and fitting exhaust conversions since 1978, including the iconic Eminox stack. The systems can provide additional ground clearance and free up more chassis space, which allows for customisations such as larger fuel tanks and crane installations. Vertical stack options direct exhaust gas overhead and are therefore ideal where people work in close proximity to the vehicle.

As the UK's leading emissions specialist, the company produces technology such as the Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®), the market-leading emission control system and leading London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) compliance solution.