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Press Release

06 May 2008

The original Eminox stack for the latest trucks

Eminox releases its latest exhaust conversions for Euro 4 & 5 trucks

Eminox will be releasing details of the latest exhaust conversions developed for Euro 4 & 5 trucks. This range of specialist exhaust systems has been developed to reposition and re-house the manufacturer's exhaust after-treatment system, retaining its emissions reduction capability.

The list of the latest conversions will be available at Truckfest, this includes systems for Scania, Volvo, DAF, MAN and Renault trucks. As Eminox continues to develop its conversion technology, more options will be included in future lists, which will be issued three times a year.

Commenting on the technological achievements, Mike Galey, Director of Marketing at Eminox, said: "Eminox has for many years been the UK market leader in exhaust conversions. As new Euro 4 & 5 vehicles were launched, many people thought that exhaust conversions might be impossible. However, using our emissions experience, we are able to provide the traditional benefits of an exhaust conversion without affecting emissions performance."

Eminox's exhaust engineering knowledge means systems are designed for optimum gas flow and noise reduction and are individually calibrated to meet the manufacturer's back-pressure guidelines. Many years' experience in emissions technology means the company is uniquely placed to understand the complexities and implications of repositioning emissions components.

The company has been producing and fitting exhaust conversions since 1978, including the iconic Eminox stack. This is still part of the range today, which includes vertical, twin, horizontal, front-mounted and drum configurations. The systems are lightweight, require minimal maintenance and free more chassis space, which allows for customisations such as larger fuel tanks and crane installations.

As the UK's leading emissions specialist, the company produces technology such as the Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®), a market-leading London Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) compliance solution.