Emission Control Solutions

Press Release

17 January 2008

Eminox invites truck operators to take up LEZ compliance concession

Good news for operators caught in the last minute rush

With the implementation of the London Low Emission Zone imminent, Eminox, the UK's largest manufacturer of emissions control systems, has welcomed 2 important concessions from TfL. Operators affected by the 4th February deadline will be given a four week 'grace period' in which to get their vehicles up to the required standard. Additionally, TfL have agreed to consider claims for refund of daily charges incurred whilst operators are waiting for retrofit systems.

Eminox have been highlighting that many operators will not be compliant in time, as a last minute rush has increased lead times across the industry

Mike Galey, Director of Marketing at Eminox, said: "Although we have already helped many operators to get their trucks compliant, we are still receiving large volumes of enquiries, showing that there are still many yet to comply. Operators are making genuine attempts to meet the LEZ's requirements, and just haven't realised how much delivery times would extend as it got closer to the deadline. We are pleased that TfL has recognised that."

The 4th February deadline will affect all diesel-engined trucks over 12 tonnes. On 15 January, TfL announced that operators of non-compliant vehicles spotted in the LEZ will be sent a warning letter, and will then have 28 days to take action to make their vehicles compliant. During that time, the vehicle is free to travel within the zone.

In addition, where an operator is able to prove that they had taken steps to comply with the scheme before 4 February, TfL will consider a request for a refund of any daily charges paid between scheme go-live and the vehicle being registered as compliant.

TfL have assured Eminox they will consider all requests on a case-by-case basis, however, the company stresses that this still requires urgent action from operators Placing orders with an approved retro-fit supplier before 4 February can provide the necessary proof, so operators are encouraged to arrange this now.

Galey continued: "We have been working with operators to provide compliance solutions for the LEZ since it was announced in May 2007. We've increased production capacity and extended our fitting capability to include 9 locations nationwide. We've also recruited additional LEZ advisors to help operators placing last-minute orders. The message we are trying to get across is for operators to act now, as we can still help."

Eminox offers two options to achieve compliance: the Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) and Continuously Regenerating Trap (CRT®) systems. Both are LEC and RPC certified, and reduce particulate matter (PM) by over 90 per cent. They also offer compliance beyond 2012, when the LEZ requirements are tightened further. The CRT® system has been used in retrofit schemes in London, Paris and across Europe; almost 60,000 emissions systems have been supplied to date.