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Press Release

23 April 2007

CV Show 2007 - New 'Active' option from Eminox

Advanced version of Eminox Fuel Borne Catalyst System makes its debut at the Commercial Vehicle Show '07

The CV Show '07, April 23 2007 - Emissions experts Eminox launches the new Active Regeneration enhancement for the existing Fuel Borne Catalyst (FBC) system at this year's Commercial Vehicle Show '07.

The FBC System, which uses Innospec patented technology, virtually eliminates particulate matter (PM10) including ultra fine particles (below one micron) which are considered the most damaging to health. This makes the new FBC Active system a highly attractive solution for commercial vehicles facing compliance with the requirements of the imminent London Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Commenting on the enhanced system, Mike Galey, Director of Marketing at Eminox said: "This is an extremely flexible system, which allows us to offer solutions for dramatically reducing particulate matter to a much wider range of vehicles". He added that the system used "a simple robust product design, giving excellent reliability and durability."

The new Eminox FBC Active option means that the system is not reliant on high engine exhaust temperatures for regeneration of the vital filter component. This makes the system ideal for vehicles with lower average exhaust temperatures; such as smaller commercial diesel engines, vehicles operating on light duty cycles or non road vehicles. It can also deal with the higher particulate levels of pre-Euro engines.

"We have many years of applications engineering experience" said Galey, "so we can advise operators on the best solution for their vehicles and duty cycles."

Eminox designs and manufactures a range of emissions reduction systems which can be supplied for retrofit as well as original equipment. The Eminox CRT® system has already been used in retrofit schemes across Europe, including London and Paris, with almost 50,000 systems supplied to date.

Both CRT® and FBC systems will allow vehicles not only to meet the 2008 requirements for the London LEZ (Euro III particulate level) but also meet the 2012 requirements (Euro IV particulate level).