Emission Control Solutions

Press Release

30 November 2005

Region knows its stuff on air pollution

Midlanders have been applauded for knowing their stuff on issues relating to air pollution.

A survey, released today (November 30), showed that 60% of the region's residents were aware that the Government sets national air pollution targets, and 63% knew that cars are more damaging to the environment than buses, per passenger mile travelled.

The survey, by on-line pollster Tickbox.net, was commissioned for Eminox, which makes exhaust emission control equipment for buses, trucks and vans; the equipment removes the vast majority of toxic emissions from vehicle exhausts.

"The health impacts of traffic pollution probably cost £11 billion a year in the UK alone," said Eminox Director, Mike Galey. "Whilst most of that pollution comes from cars, if a modern bus diesel engine is fitted with emission control equipment, it is cleaner than a bus powered by Compressed Natural Gas."

Tim Blakemore, editor of Transport Engineer, the monthly magazine for road transport engineers and fleet managers, said: "Truck, bus and coach operators are as keen as anyone on clean air, and they are more than willing to do their bit to cut vehicle emissions as much as possible. But it really is up to government departments, not local authorities, to provide clear, consistent and continuous national grant schemes to make this viable."