Warranty Terms & Conditions

Your Eminox Diesel Particulate Filter has been designed and manufactured in our facility in Gainsborough, Great Britain in accordance with current internationally recognised ISO & TS quality standards ensuring that the DPF will fit within the exhaust after-treatment system.

The DPF has been tested by an independent European accredited homologation testing facility. It is fully certified to fit and operate in accordance with the whole vehicle type approval regulation, the same regulation that the vehicle manufacturer complies to.

A Diesel Particulate Filter blocking is a symptom of a fault upstream and the fault must be corrected before changing the DPF.

Your DPF is guaranteed to fit and operate correctly for a minimum of 2 years or 200,000km. If your DPF fails ahead of this period, Emniox will offer advice, but any claim for a replacement part must be done through the route of supply.

Please have the information below to support any claim;
  • Diagnostic fault codes
  • Emission report
  • Eminox invoice number & date
  • Photo of DPF if there is a fitment issue or filter is damaged
  • Vehicle service history
  • The filter has blocked, as this is due to a further fault within the engine / exhaust system
  • Damage incurred after delivery if goods have been accepted by customer. Any damange must be reported immediately upon delivery, before fitment is attempted.
Upon your claim being successful;
  • You will be supplied with a replacement DPF, no credit will be offered by Eminox