New or Exchange?


A new filter is manufactured by Eminox at our modern site, opened in 2013, in the United Kingdom using methods perfected over the last 40 years.

Our Diesel Particulate Filters have been rigorously tested both in-house on our own engine test bed and also at an independent test facility to ensure that an Eminox DPF is a genuine alternative to the OEM DPF; it will fit perfectly and operate just as effectively.

Eminox DPFs are all certified as homologated by an authorised independent European type-approval test centre.

We have such confidence in our manufacturing & engineering processes that we support our DPFs with a 2 year / 200,000km warranty, guaranteeing the Diesel Particulate Filter against fitment and manufacturing defects. For full terms and conditions, please see the warranty section on this website.
Service Exchange Program

Eminox DPFs are available through our Exchange program, this program is managed throughout Europe by our authorised distribution network.

For a low price you can have a DPF that is as good as new shipped to you on the same day, meaning you don’t have the 3-5 day wait of a typical DPF clean or the costs attached to buting a DPF from the OEM dealer network.

Filters in the Eminox Exchange programme are pre-cleaned DPFs that are supplied with a data sheet, certifying the performance of an exchange DPF is better than 98% when compared to a new DPF. Eminox do not accept other aftermarket replacement DPFs in to the exchange programme, ensuring that we maintain control over the quality of the DPFs we supply.

All Eminox DPFs, New and Exchange, are supplied with the clamps and gaskets required to fit the DPF included at no additional cost to the customer.

This ensures that the time that the vehicle is off the road is kept to a minimum.